Candid Images Frozen in Time

Today will never happen again; the moments your family has shared will never be seen again, but a photograph can last forever. We at Dee Jestene Photography want to help you preserve your memories.

What is Day in the Life Photography?

Day in the Life Photography is documentary style photography with a twist.  My style is not just capturing anything.  My goal is to give your friends and loved ones a close up view of your life.  In short, day in the life photography is:

  • Capturing real life
  • Raw emotions
  • Snapshots that tell a story
  • Honest interactions
  • Honest feelings
  • Building relationship
  • Exposing personal truths

Why Day in the Life Photography?

People take photos every day, but rarely do they tell a story. Day in the Life Photography follows you.  Real life isn’t staged; it isn’t dressed up.  Real life is exciting; and that’s what we capture.  Whether you are making breakfast with the kids or out on the town with a friend, we create a diary for you through photography.

Where do we document?

  • We meet you where YOU are:
  • Your home,
  • You favorite park
  • At the beach
  • Out on the town
  • On a date
  • Wherever

**Transportation costs apply for travel outside of DMV area.