How to Choose the Best Family Photographer

Looking for your photographer can be a daunting process. While there are many capable photographers, there is no real certainty that they can provide you the tailored service that you need. So, in a bottomless ocean of talent, how do you find YOUR photographer? I think these five steps are the best way to go.

First: Check out there work. As you may have guessed, you really do want examine your potential photographer's work to make sure that it is what you are looking for. If you don't like their work, ten times out of ten, you won't like your pictures. 

Second: Choose your style. When looking for a photographer, you want to choose someone that specializes in the style you are looking for. You may like a photographer's portrait work, but this does not mean that they will do well documenting your wedding or vice versa. 

Third: Appropriate pricing. The old saying is true. You really will get what you pay for! This means, you have to decide that your memories are an investment. How much that is up to you. I am not saying you need to take out a second mortgage or anything, but you want to get bang for your buck. It is better to pay for quality service, than to get a discounted mess. Do your research on what the going rate is for quality photography and go from there. As a photographer, I will tell you; it isn't cheap, but for good reason. A quality photographer (such as the ones at Dee Jestene Photography...plug) are appropriately priced for quality. 

Fourth: Look for someone who will meet your needs and at the same time demonstrate their skill by leading the shoot..  Do you want one photographer or two? Do you want a particular photographer? What do you want to wear? Where do you want your session? How many pictures are you looking for? How long do you want your session to be? In the end, knowing what you want from a photographer, helps you narrow down who you select. If your potential photographer is unwilling to compromise to ensure you both get what you want, then they are not for you. In my experience, when a photographer doesn't have a plan, they lack inspiration which will impact their work. 

Lastly: In the end, go with your gut.! You are the only one who will have to live with whom you choose. For us at Dee Jestene Photography, we want you to know that whether it is us or someone else, what we care about is you finding exactly who you need to tell your photo story. Take care.

Documentary Family Photography

Document YOUR Family's Life

When I meet new people and I tell them that I am a documentary photographer whose passion is "Day in the Life" photography, I am often met with puzzled looks, as if to say "What is that?". I usually sum it up as photography that captures real people, real moments, real life, and real emotions. But as a photographer, what better way can I tell you about a "Day in the Life" session than to show you a story in pictures. I am proud to share this video on "Day in the Life". This is Dee Jestene Photography. Enjoy!

This is a quick video to show the experience of having a photographer in your home to document your family life. Dee Jestene Photography is available for you to be in your photos. Contact us today.

Why Albums?!?

As a professional photographer, I am well aware of all of the arguments that people tend to make concerning why people should not invest in albums, but respectfully, I believe they are doing you a great disservice when they say this.  Here are five reason why you should consider purchasing an album with us.

Technology is Volatile 

Let’s face it, technology fails and technology changes.  No matter who you are, in some shape, form, or fashion, you have learned this lesson.  Your computer or USB device had all of your information on it and for some unknown reason, what used to be there is no longer. Honestly, your family’s memories are way too important to gamble with that risk. What happens when your USB device of today becomes the floppy disk of tomorrow? Even if you have one of those online storage services, I guarantee you that you would save so much more money having a physical copy of your photographs than entrusting it to the web. Albums are a much safer way to go than only relying on technology.

Personal Connection 

Another reason to create albums is because unlike online experiences, looking at an album creates tailored personal connections. When you are flipping through your wedding album with friends, you can tell them the story of how you and your spouse met, or you can laugh about “that one time” when you were together. 

Comprehensible Quality

When you are flipping through an album, you are able to clearly see the quality that you have invested in.  As you may well know, it is immediately clear when someone has invested good money in good photography. The quality is just unmatched and here’s the thing: Albums do not depend on the quality of your computer. The quality speaks for itself.  Now when you order a digital copy, the only way you can get an accurate feel for the quality is to have a quality computer. One of the unfortunate realities of being a photographer is that my digital work may not be appreciated to the depths it deserves if it is seen though bad resolutions.  With albums, I do not have to worry about that. 

Backup to Technology  

Now with all that I have said thus far, I want to make it crystal clear that I am not against digital copies (which I sell).  I am just saying that there are pros and cons compared to albums.  One pro of an album is that in the event that you do have digital copies of your photos, albums provide a quality backup.  I often encourage my clients to purchase both digital and print copies of their sessions because of the necessity of having backups.

In sight, in mind.

Now I know what some of you are thinking…”I use digitals because it saves space.”  True. I cannot deny that, but let me ask you this: When was the last time you scrolled to the bottom of your social media feed to view your photos?  How often have you logged onto your Dropbox or another online account (if you have enough storage)?  For most of you, I would assume not so much.  You know why?  Because out of sight, out of mind. Most of the time, people rarely go past a year ago to look at photos because they don’t want to spend so much time searching through pictures while they load. Albums take up space in your home because they afford you a “bang for your buck” experience.  You are much more likely to look through an album from years ago than you are to scroll through pictures on your social media. Albums stay in sight so they are more likely to stay in mind.

Do you have gigabytes of pictures but no albums?  Contact us today and we will put some of your photos into quality album or better yet, create a new album for you that is sure to last a lifetime.