Beauty and Hard Work: The Gilberts

No experience in my estimation is as beautiful and as death-defying as carrying and delivering a baby. As women, we are miraculously able to carry and house another developing human for 9 months and then ensure its birth. Even now as I think about it, only God knows how such an feat is possible. In our human limitations, all we can do is enjoy it. That is why I love taking pictures of soon-to-be moms. With my camera, I am able to capture their hidden strengths and enduring perseverance as they make what is unimaginably difficult look sooo easy. Such was the case with my session with the Gilberts.

Tiffany Gilbert (8 1/2 months pregnant) her husband Stephen, and the son Stephen III met me at the beautiful Allen Pond Park in Bowie, MD. It was hot that day and if you know anything about sessions in the sun during the summer, it is wise to be prepared for fussiness and a short gas tank of patience. However I was touched because Tiffany and her husband got through the session as easy as I have ever seen it. It was really one of those moments where you could tell just how much they love each other. 

As we made our way throughout the grounds, I was glad to see just how attentive and patient Stephen was as Tiffany took picture after picture. In the end, it was all worth it. We really got some great shots. One particular moment of note was when little Stephen put a stethoscope to his mother's belly to see if he could hear his little sister to be, Savannah. This was so precious.

I must say that I enjoyed my time with the Gilberts. I left their session with two valuable lessons. First, as a photographer and customer servant, I will always be sure to carry water and a snack for outdoor maternity sessions and second, beauty is hard work. The Gilbert's were a beautiful family and I realize that that doesn't come easy. They had to work! Work to love each other, work to help each other, and work to put each other in a great light for great photos. Because of all the work that went into this, I know they will love the final results.