Nat is Walking!

Normally I would talk about playing with my daughter, but I am super excited and I would rather talk about my awesome news! My baby took her first steps!!! OMG!! We (my husband and I) had been working with her for a few weeks once she started standing but we had no idea how far she had come. So, there we were playing, and she stands up. Normally, she sways back and forth trying to balance herself but just as she was about to teeter, history happened. Now I now this may not be a huge ordeal to you, but I could hardly contain myself. But that's not the best part. The best part is that we have video!!!! I was so excited and now I have to share my experience. I guess that's a lot like my business. The moments we all go through, may not mean anything to others but they may mean the world to us and the best part is being able to document it, Not so much for others, but for ourselves. I guess that's my take away today. You have a lot of exciting things in your life and you should capture that. Not for others, but for your own personal enjoyment.

Take care,