I went to Babies 'R Us and all I got was a lousy.... water bottle???

I love playing with my daughter. It amazes me how much she is learning and growing. And how little it takes to actually amuse her. As a new mom, my major focus is on her development. So, throwing caution to the wind, I dove head first into the toy aisle. I bought toys for hand eye coordination; I bought noisy toys, I bought quiet toys, and I even bought toys for when she gets older (just in case she's advanced). But after all of that, when we finally got home, you know what she was most interested in? She was most interested in the water bottle that I bought just as I was leaving. At first, I was taken back. After all my hours reading those crazy "what to do the first year" books and after all my research and spending, all I needed was $1.56 and few popcorn kernels to put inside. Go figure. I can only imagine what I am getting her for her first birthday. Can you say "cardboard box"?