OMG…My Baby is Learning to Stand!

I am such a softy.  It feels like everything my baby does is sooo adorable.  Just this week, I saw Natalie learn to stand unassisted. She still needs help sometimes, but she is definitely on her way. More and more she is letting go of standing aids and holding her balance. It is such a gift to witness these moments. When she learned how to sit up, I was amazed; when she learned to rise to her feet, I was in awe, but now that she is learning to stand, I can’t help but to feel an overjoyed sense of fear.  Why you may ask?  Well, because there is a small part of me that knows that this is where “it” all starts.  Now she will be running all over the house.  Now she will be jumping off things and now that she is exploring her new found independence, perhaps she will start to let go of me??? I was once her standing aid.  OMG, my baby is learning to stand!!  Lord, help me!!