Strength Embraced: A Maternity Session with Deidre

Becoming a mother is one of the most awe-inspiring times that a woman can go through. All within the course of three trimesters, soon-to-be moms become increasingly aware of strengths they never knew existed and develop appreciations for themselves that they never would have imagined. Curves and shapes that would otherwise be overanalyzed and appropriately covered are now shown unabashedly. Emotions and thoughts that would otherwise be thought of as volcanic and far-reaching are now weighted and expected. Insecurities that were once deafening are now minimal (though still present). Such can be the journey to motherhood.

I was reminded of this during my session with Deidre. It was a great experience capturing her and hearing her story. Normally during a maternity shoot, I spend a great deal of time going over clothing choices and discussing the best poses as to not highlight any insecurities. However with Deidre, I was free to do almost anything. Not only was she proud of her pregnancy, she was proud of herself; and I thought that was amazing. I can honestly say that seeing that level of freedom and self-acceptance encouraged me as both a woman and a photographer.  For the first time in a while, I felt like I could just let the session be whatever it was going to be because there was nothing to be ashamed of on either side of the camera.

One picture in particular was my favorite. I captured her sitting in a field in a high-split purple gown with a toned down wooded background. This shot to me was so regal and beautiful. We had great sunlight and despite the time of year, the weather was awesome. In addition, her hair looked great and you can tell that she was really comfortable. Overall, there were a lot of great shots from this session, but this picture by far was the most literal translation of womanhood, motherhood, and power in the entire gallery.

And that is the message…

Women, we are strong! We are powerful.  God designed our bodies to help create, carry, and birth generations, and we should not be ashamed of them.  Nothing about you should be hidden. We at Dee Jestene Photography pride ourselves in not only capturing amazing pictures but encouraging you that no matter who you are, we accept all that you are. So, from this day forward, we encourage you to do the same. Be strong; be courageous; be yourself. 

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