Nursery Dream: Teal and Fuschia

Decorating my daughter's nursery was one of the most fun things that I did in preparation for her arrival.  What made this time fun for me was that I could make her nursery into whatever I wanted it to be; I had complete carte blanche. So when the the time came, I took full and advantage. I was both creative and girly at the same time. In addition to all of this, my husband didn't really have a preference of what I did in there just as long as it was pretty.  

For her nursery, I choose a teal and raspberry (fuchsia) pallet.  Since I didn't want the whole room to be pink, I chose to do all the walls in a fresh teal blue color and I painted her closet a darker fuchsia color.  Okay okay, my husband painted it, but it came out better than I expected!!! 

Next, I lucked up and found some floral sheers at a closing discount store.  They were perfect because they were a shade of pink and yet not pink.  Later that same day when I was in Bed, Bath and Beyond, I found some awesome fuchsia curtains during the back to school season sale.  As we added the sheers and the curtains and a few other touches, we really began to see that the nursery (and our family) was really starting to come together.  



The next thing that we purchased for the nursery was a dresser for the baby's clothes. Instead of purchasing a $400 dresser from a baby store, I found a much more affordable and practical 8-drawer piece at IKEA.  In addition to it being less expensive, I found that it served all of my family's needs and more. We used the dresser for clothes, quick access to pampers, hair accessories and even a changing table space. It had a huge surface and deep drawer space.  This was definitely a good purchase.  

Concerning the crib, I ordered it from  It was one of those convertible cribs that could start as a crib and later convert into a toddler bed...Bonus! The design was simple and did not overpower the room. In an effort to not color bomb the room, I thought a nice white would balance everything out.

Finally, there was the rocking chair. We had spent quite a bit of time and a few trips to Baby's R Us looking at rocking chairs. I have to say that this was my husbands favorite part of this whole experience. We tried all types of chairs. We tried big bulky chairs that didn't move; we tried rocking chairs that came with ottoman attachments, and we even tried the big bulky rocking chairs with ottoman attachments. In the end, we lucked out and found our chair on the Close5 - one of those online selling apps.  It was in great condition and the right price.  We got a GREAT deal.

All in all, I want you to know that you don't have to spend a lot of money to create your dream nursery. Second, as a mom, I encourage all expecting parents to have fun creating a fun and interactive space for your children. I am so proud of the way Natalie's nursery came out. Please share pictures of your nurseries; I would love to see them!  Take Care.

Annoyingly Hilarious


I’m sure it is safe to say that we all love our babies.  I love my daughter, but every once in a while she does something that is both hilarious and annoying at the same time.  As I type this, I am looking at about 28 pictures of my daughter’s feet.  The reason why I have all of these photos of a toddler’s size 6 is because of my own ingenuity.  I gave my phone to my daughter so she could play one of the kiddy app games that I downloaded for her while I drove home. She had been getting fussy from sitting in her toddler seat and this seemed like a great distraction.  Now, although I know better, an overpowering force had convinced me that my daughter had discipline enough not to surf the other apps. 


I mean, who knew 18 month-old could do that?  Anyway, much to my surprise, my little junior hacker closed the game app, opened the camera app, took 28 photos of her foot, and then disabled my iPhone for 15 minutes.  This was annoying; this was hilarious.  Do I have a witnesses?

Mommy Until Daddy Comes Home

It's weird, most days my daughter hears my husband come home from work and she gets so excited. Sometimes, I find myself feeling like "Oh, who am I? Chopped liver?". Here it is, I have been playing with her for the past hour or so and just like that, I am ignores like some toy she has outgrown. Then there are moments where my husband comes home and my daughter ignores him. Then I'm kind of bothered by that. I say to myself "Man, I'm tired. Why doesn't she want to go to her father and give me a break?" I guess it's kind of a darned if you do, darned if you don't. I still love playing with my daughter, but things can be a bit complicated. Thoughts?

Happy Birthday Cake Smash

Happy Birthday Cake Smash

Let me set the scene. I'm in my home setting up the backdrop for a special session. The props are in place and the lights are set, and deep down, I know it's all about to be destroyed.  Im actually excited that my subject is making her way to me but I don't think she is fully aware of what is about to happen or why. What am I talking about? Well, the subject is my 11 month old and the setup is for her first birthday cake smash.

OMG…My Baby is Learning to Stand!

I am such a softy.  It feels like everything my baby does is sooo adorable.  Just this week, I saw Natalie learn to stand unassisted. She still needs help sometimes, but she is definitely on her way. More and more she is letting go of standing aids and holding her balance. It is such a gift to witness these moments. When she learned how to sit up, I was amazed; when she learned to rise to her feet, I was in awe, but now that she is learning to stand, I can’t help but to feel an overjoyed sense of fear.  Why you may ask?  Well, because there is a small part of me that knows that this is where “it” all starts.  Now she will be running all over the house.  Now she will be jumping off things and now that she is exploring her new found independence, perhaps she will start to let go of me??? I was once her standing aid.  OMG, my baby is learning to stand!!  Lord, help me!!