Why Wedding Couples Keep Asking For Candid Wedding Photography

When it comes to wedding photography, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is perfectly posed pictures. The bride smiling shyly, the groom holding her hands, and some strategically placed flowers. The perfect shot is meant to be framed and put on your bedside table.

But, I'll tell you that trend is now fading. Now, many couples ask for candid wedding photography.

Candid wedding photography goes beyond the traditional wedding pictures. It tells the story of your big day. A candid wedding photographer takes pictures of the wedding as it happens. They do this without disturbing the actual wedding. 

Why Couples Ask For Candid Wedding Photography?

Candid wedding photography is becoming very popular with young couples for some of the following reasons:

Captures the Real Moments

A candid photographer moves through your wedding with a camera in hand, following the laughter and the crowds. They capture the wedding moments as they happen. The smiles, the laughter, the crazy, silly moments; and even the crying and the drama- all are recorded in their lens as a keepsake for future enjoyment.

Many times these are pictures that you end up cherishing the most. That’s because many claim that these shots seem more authentic – a real glimpse into your wedding day.

No Posing Required

Your candid wedding photos are unlike the traditional wedding photos because there is no posing required. No bright lights or annoying, awkward poses. Candid photography gives you the advantage of enjoying your entire wedding.

Your candid photographer won’t ask you to pose. That is why candid wedding photography works best for couples who are camera-shy. If you get stiff in front of a camera, then candid wedding photography might save you from the “deer in headlights” pictures. A good candid photographer will make you forget they are even there. And that's when the best shots are taken!

A Story to Remember

A good picture tells a thousand stories. That’s what a candid photographer is aiming for. A good candid picture will take you back in time. He will make you relive the magic of your entire wedding. Those pictures will make you remember the forgotten moments. They will make you smile nostalgic smiles, even laugh at a few ones. You might even look at some of the pictures, and wonder when did that happen? 

For all those relatives that never made it to your wedding, those candid photos will take them through the highlights of your wedding. Those candid photos will show them more than just the people at the wedding. It will show the vibes, the moods, and the feeling behind the pictures.

Artistic Pictures

Many people are now looking for candid pictures for the artistic value they provide. Not every photographer can take good candid pictures. Candid photographers have an eye for the right moments and stunning angles. They don’t rely on structured wedding shots, because when they see a stunning composition, they know it. The best ones even know where to hang out, for the best candid shots. 

If you are booking a candid wedding photography session, ask your photographer for their portfolio. This will give you a good idea of what to expect for your wedding photos.

After your wedding, Book a session with Dee Jestene Photography to document your family’s candid moments.