My Story

When was the last time you pulled out old family photos? Your baby photos. Your school field trips. Your school dances. Your graduations all catalogued in one place to be revisited whenever you want.  Were you at your parents house?  I am able to share these memories with my own family because my parents were never without a camera. They realized back then the thrill we would get from reliving those moments as adults.

This is where it all began for me.

 When my daughter turned one, I set up a birthday cake smash photo shoot. There was a purple backdrop, an ombre birthday cake bigger than her head, cute teal undies with a headband to match and a floral pearl necklace to top it off.  It was everything to see her timidly touch the icing while still curiously rubbing it through her fingers. The face she gave after tasting the icing was exciting for her but pure joy for me. Motherhood has ignited a true passion to create photographic accounts of family life.  What I thought was just an idea-nurtured by my parents- became a fervor that was already set forth by God. So, He gave me Dee Jestene Photography.

    My Heart

 In college, I remember having so much fun: dancing late at night, being silly with friends or making impulsive decisions. I remember vividly a time when one of my male friends taunted and dared one of my female friends to curl a 40lb weight, that propped open the door to a Dominos Pizza 15 times; And she did it!  All I know is I wish someone had taken out a camera and captured THAT moment. Not only that, I wish I had placed them in an album so I could relive those spontaneous adventures again and again.

It was then I decided to be more intentional.  I decided that if others couldn’t realize that this is “that moment” or “that feeling” we would want to tell others about, I would be that person to capture the experience.

My mission is to photograph families as they are, not as they ought to be. It isn’t until you miss a moment that you realize how significant it is. I like to capture not only what you were doing, but how you felt while doing it.  It is one thing to say that you are happy and it is another to see the joy all over your face in a photo.  With candid, unscripted photography we are able to preserve your fleeting memories.

People tend to forget things but photography is a way to keep our memories fresh in our minds and in our hearts.  Photography is how we can get through rough times because we can always look back and remember how loved we are, or how happy we were.

Book your complimentary consultation today and let’s chat about how we can capture all of those unforgettable moments. I would love to be the one to help you remember.